I'm Daniel Shamany, a Full Stack, Backend, and Mobile Software Engineer


React Native | ReactJS | NodeJS | ExpressJS | JavaScript | CSS | HTML | Python | Django | MongoDB | MySQL | SQL | NoSQL | REST APIs | bcrypt | JWT | PassportJS | AWS S3 | AWS EC2 | C++ | Qt | Linux | Mac | Windows | RHEL | Fedora | CentOS | Git | Vim | Docker | Object Oriented Programming | Data Structures | Design Patterns


DS Utils

A collection of utilities and helper libraries for C++ Projects.

C++ | GCC | Clang


This is a general tracker with tools designed to provide data collection for those who like to analyze their daily lives.

NodeJS | ExpressJS | PassportJS | JavaScript | CSS | HTML | Heroku | MongoDB


My take on a classic Black Jack game with a classic look and feel.

HTML | CSS | JavaScript

Watch Collector

This application is for watch collectors to showcase their watches, keep track of service, and connect.

Python | Django | Materialize | Heroku | PostgreSQL | AWS S3


This is an application for sailors to find a crew.

MongoDB | ExpressJS | ReactJS | NodeJS | bcrypt | AWS S3 | REST APIs | Heroku

About Me

I have tremendous passion for increasing productivity and efficiency; consequently resulting in fun public projects and extremely useful professional products.

My hobbies include reading books, long walks, and the occasional social setting to name a few.

Below, you will find my latest resume, so if I am in the job market, it is available for your consumption.



My comunication style differs from many of your peers. I am not constantly checking my phone, yet highly communicative on group projects. The way I achieve this is by turning off electronics and periodically check my communications channels. This ensures that I deliver high quality products within a reasonable amount of time.

If you wish to contact me, please make your subject clear and concise in an email or LinkedIn message, so that I can return a response (if necessary) in an efficient and timely manner.